Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Artist kuno...
I'm back again designing(kuno) classrooms. I started this "career" when I came to Hainan. I supposed to handle the kindergarten management but then the main branch (language school) needs my help. They told me it's just temporary but it took me a year to handle the job that I even designed other school branch as in grabe!!!. I'm handling multiple jobs that time hhmmm....well Chinese kasi Boss ko...I'm teaching all levels kids and adults but they make it sure I have time in the office which I did designed teaching materials, classrooms, hallways (lahat na pina-ayos). Well, anyways I learned naman a lot.

Now I'm back again designing classrooms, another language school but the Boss here is better than my previuos. My new Boss is asking a favor kasi. I really don't like designing a classroom especially magulo yung place. They asked me about my design plan and what materials I need, and it's hard to explain to them, hindi nila magets yung whole picture...which I hate doing it..it's like explaining to the wall tapos mamaya ako din pala ang gagawa lahat. I just feel so tired doing it but I have to. The boss is always telling me that I'm good and professional about it at naririnig daw nya na ganoon...hahaha...nambobola pa...if they only know. Anyways,in fairness naman nakakagulat kasi the other schools are copying yung mga design sa classrooms in my previous schools especially in the kindergarten. Well, in China they just copy everything..copyright for Chinese..right to copy.

This afternoon I'm so glad kay Lord for the wisdom and HIS gift sa art. It just flow naturally hehehe..ang yabang. I was so tired this morning in my new class and then we went to the old china market and bought the materials for the classroom design. My assistant is always asking me what should we do..blah..blah..it's irritating my ear...at gusto nya ganito..at ganito..daig pa ang Boss ko. When we arrived in the office, I'm so tired and felt dizzy that I felt to just go home that time. But then I have to start because I need to finish the design of the 5 classrooms next week. I changed my design plan because it's hard to find the materials I need and the budget is so tight. But PTL kasi when I gathered the new and old materials it's just came to my mind what to do and a lot of ideas pop up, as in nagulat din ako. Thanks GOD for wisdom. But honestly I don't like doing it but deep inside nag-eenjoy ako...siguro I'm just lazy. BTW, sa Pinas enjoy ako magdesign sa classroom during VBS time kasi marami kami at madami food hehehe, tsaka mga artist talaga mga kasama ko..ako ma-arte lang. I miss those days.

It's a new style design sa classroom. For sure may gagaya na naman nito hehehe.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Elisabeth Eliot

Elisabeth Elliot is one of the most influential Christian women of our time. For a half century, her best selling books, timeless teachings and courageous faith have influenced believers and seekers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. She uses her experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, and missionary to bring the message of Christ to countless women around the world.

Ms. Elliot was born in Brussels, Belgium, where her parents served as missionaries. After graduating from Wheaton College, she later went to Ecuador as a missionary. In 1953 she married a former classmate, Jim Elliot, and together they worked on translating the New Testament into the language of the Quichua Indians. Their daughter, Valerie, was born in 1955. Only ten months later, Jim was killed by the Huaorani Indians while attempting to take the Gospel to that remote tribe. Elisabeth continued her work among the Quichuas and later lived and worked among the Huaorani.

Today, she lives north of Boston, Massachusetts, with her husband, Lars Gren. Their sincere hope, and ours, is that her messages will be a blessing to you as you seek God's will in your life.

Source: Elisabeth Eliot Ministries www.elisabetheliot.org
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Life Story
Sometimes I've got a lot of things in mind to write. I usually composed it in my mind and the stories were formed but when I put it into writing I don't know how to start and so conscious of what should be the right word to say. And it just ended in my journal and in my memories.

And I think I'm a person who just likes to speak out and share what's in my heart. Because if I put it into writing there may be words that are not suitable and the readers might have different meanings. And also think that people will say I'm so self-centered and probably nobody cares really to read this, why should I bother and waste my time anyways. But then I realized I'm fond of reading life stories and biographies. It's a real stories and people's experiences. There are so much to learn from people who has wide experience; how they conquered fear, discouragement, temptation..all the downs of life; and how they live life victoriously; the right perspective in weaknesses and strength , in good and bad times. It's uplifting really.

I may not have a wide experience but I'll try my best with HIS help to share my life's journey either ups and downs with the purpose of encouraging the readers, and sharing HIS Amazing LOVE, HIS Faithfulness through out the years in the field. I've got a lot of adventures in life, a lot of bad choices in life. My God is not done with me yet. I'm still a living creature, living in this deteriorating world and a sinner and saved by HIS grace through faith.

I may also share my friend's life story and also great people who passed this life with victory and honor. The Bible has a lot of great people's life story, they are heroes of faith. They set us a good example in defeat and victory.

This could be a start of my journey with this blog: MADE TO SHINE. WE ARE MADE TO SHINE. At last I have a direction.

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