Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Of being Tired!!!
I just received an email from my dear friend and I always called her bunso, MAYJAY. She's in Germany right now, studying Deutsch and soon will pursue Psychology. She's very smart and a cum laude graduate. She's always sweet and very thoughtful friend. She's doing great job in school and in church out there in Germany. I'm so proud of here.

Here's her email message:

Nowadays, we always have A LOT of things to do...

a lot of appointments, a lot of meetings, a lot of activities... that even our so called FREE-time, doesn´t seem to be free any more...

Each day from the moment we wake up until the moment we lay down... tons of activies were needed to be accomplished...

You need to do this, do that,
go here, go there,
buy this, buy that,
talk to him, talk to her,
fix,this, fix that,
pay this, pay that,
read this, read that,
know this, know that

and the list goes on and on... seems to be unending...

and there would always be a time, that you would hear yourself saying: "I am tired"... yes, of course, we may feel exhausted with a lot of things going on to our minds and a lot of things being done by our physical bodies....

What does the Bible say about this:

"Find rest my soul in CHRIST alone"
Jesus said : "Come to me all of you you are weary and heavily laided and I will give you REST" (Matt 11:28)

Yes! REST my friend! REST is what we needed... Don´t give up! Simply look up and find rest in GODs arm. There is always "times of refreshing in GODs presence"... put everything down in Gods throne, let every care and concern be place on GODs hand... TRUST HIM, He knows best! We have nothing to loose but everything to gain with CHRIST!

Remember what is written in His word?

"I have plans for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a bright future" Jer 29:11

"Nothing formed against you shall prosper" Isa 54:17

(you´ll never know whats behind the smiles of the people around you... they might be at the end of their ropes... SMILE, be a bit more patient and be an encouragement)

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