Friday, May 04, 2007
I think there's something wrong with my lifestyle...I'm easily get tired and can't think well. I'm so indulge in watching tele-series like Jumong (now i'm on 53 episodes, still have 5 disc to watch, 20 episodes), Heroes, LOST... but i still do my job's responsibility...hhmm defensive,lol. It seems there's nothing new and exciting things to do now. This should not be my attitude gosh I hate this!

It seems everything stopped and I struggled a lot. Like physically I'm so tired, my head, my muscles...everything in me...I'm not that really's something like I'm drained...I have no strength...can't think well...right now when I'm writing body is aching and trying my best to write this...later we'll play badminton with my students...I'm trying to get out from my seat in front of the computer or TV...maybe it'll help to break those bad habits that possibly makes myself so tired and helpless...

I know there are a lot of factors why I felt this way...hhmmm...I'll write soon...i need to sign off...Please pray for me...I'm serious about it...thanks...
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