Thursday, May 24, 2007
It's summer time. You could feel the heat on the street... the blue sky with the sun so shining above.

Along the streets, umbrellas are sold and even big department store, they are displayed in wide open place. In every corner of the streets they are sold. It varies in different sizes, style, color and quality.

People are using umbrella to protect their skin from sun rays and to avoid the sun burn. Asian ladies are afraid to get a dark skin especially Chinese and Filipinos I think :). Here in my place (Haikou City, Hainan, China), almost all ladies are using umbrella when they go out, they are so afraid of the sun. I'm not used to bring umbrella, it's so "sagabal" but then I learned in China to carry umbrella, even I'll just go to the market which is just opposite our building I used I'm afraid to get dark. Hhmm..sayang naman ang sabon (skin whitening soap) ginagamit ko, ang mahal pa naman. Well, I don't want to have a dark skin but even so I'm still proud to have a fair complexion.

For Chinese, they don't want to have a dark/tan skin, the whither the better. For Caucasians , they like a dark/tan skin, they just go out open in the sun. But for us Filipinos and Chinese, as much as possible we will look for a shade and hide. And take note we're already using umbrella, we still find a tree or shade we could hide from the bright sun...hhmm....lolz... I find it odd sometimes but that's who we are.

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