Friday, March 16, 2007
A matter of priority!
Yesterday night, a Chinese friend of my friend invited me to observe her class. She's the teacher/owner of the school, my American friend recommend me to teach there. I was so impressed by the simplicity and yet so elegant design of the school. This is the kind of setting I like to have for the school I'm dreaming of. As I observed her class, she has an excellent method of teaching. Every kids are excited and participates the class. I was impressed because only very few Chinese teacher used that kind of method in teaching.

As I went back home, I'm thinking a lot and question myself if I'm still going to teach there coz I just want to start my own. It's just so hard for us to find a place but anyways I know we will going to have a right place for our school in HIS time. But it seems like I'm out of focus this time, I got a lot of things to do in my mind. At present I'm coordinating an educational summer tour program, designing classrooms, connecting people for short term teachers from US, this is my new job assignment. I just work at home and connect people through the net. I feel like I have a lot of things to do and yet I felt I'm doing nothing, not so satisfied with what I'm doing now. I was so overwhelmed. I have so much to do and I felt I'm in lack of knowledge to do it. I'm thinking of pursuing further studies; I need to learn Chinese language more; I need to research more and add in my library some teaching materials; I need to improve myself; I want to do business; start a ministry in another place. There's so much, so much in my mind...I just want to rest for a while and think nothing. I felt so much pressure also from outside.

So last night before I went to bed, it took me few hours to evaluate myself once again and seeking God and asking wisdom to guide me in every step I'll make. I wrote my priorities and what really I want and be happy to do it. ..planning, seeking, waiting. It's a matter of priority and a matter of choice; and the right attitude in every situation; and time management. Just one day at a time.

I learned these three questions last Sunday from Chip Ingram's preaching.(I'll keep reminding myself of these three questions)
1. Did I give my best ever?
2. Whom I'm seeking to impress?
3. Am I fulfilling my ordained potential/calling of God?

Hhmmm....these are pretty good questions to start/end my day.

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