Thursday, August 31, 2006
Full loaded day
Last Monday my friend Chabby flew back to our homeland. We sent her to the airport in the morning and her baggage was overweight that we need to unload some winter clothes and her collections of CDs. On the way home I've got mixed emotions coz I'm gonna miss my friend. The weather was so hot and after few hours the sky was so dark and it rains so hard. Another friend of mine went back also to her working place which is 3 hours away from my place. The bus she took almost meet an accident because of the rain.

When I arrived home, it was so quite and the bad weather doesn't help at all to lift me up. And then my cat was always purring and always lag at my back. I thought she was sick and I tried to check her stomach if there's something wrong with her but she's ok. Well, I know she also misses her playmates who always hugs her tightly to death.

I had class in the afternoon for two hours, I didn't prepare a game that time but the class went well. I'm not feeling good that time, I'm trying to lift myself up. After class, two of my students took the same bus with me. The bus was full but we tried to squeezed inside the bus. There's a lady (middle age and dressed well) who followed us and stand in the middle of us. I can't moved inside the bus it was so full. While I'm talking with my student I found out the lady's hand beside me was missing, she's not holding her bag. It was suspicious to me, I heard a lot about these kind of modus in the bus. I just thought of something messy around. And the next thing, I saw in the corner of my eyes the lady was on a tip toe position and trying to get something in my student's bag. Wow, my blood rise up and warned my student to be careful and to watched out the lady beside her. But my student doesn't understand what I'm saying, she just replied, yes...yes. I told her three times but she didn't get it. I was so nervous and angry. And the pitch of my voice was so high and at last my student got my message and she put down her bag. I told her not to look at the lady and not to speak Chinese. The lady tried to cover the face of my student with the umbrella so that we could not talk. PTL, the bus stop and the man at the back of my student told the lady to go down. So the lady has another company, I think two men because they went down together. I hate pick pockets.

When I went down in my place, one Chinese University student approached me and asked if where I come from. Along the way we talked and at the back of my mind I am suspicious, she might be a part of the gang and wants to know my place. But at the same time I'm thinking of another lost soul and need big J. Well, I asked my Dad for discernment and immediately He answered, that U student was wearing a cross pendant. So before we part ways I told her my place and our activities. The next day she(not C yet) came to my place with a friend whose a believer. They also came for a study tonight and might attend in our future meetings. PTL. That lifts my spirit. I'm praying soon and very soon, she'll be save.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
People come and go...
People come and can't stop them that's how life is. You could be with them in a short period of time or a longer time. It's really hard to see them go. Sometimes I asked myself why it should be like this, can't we just stay in one place. But then that's life, our Creator has purpose in everything. You really don't know if how long you could be with somebody, you don't know what would happened next. The only thing I'm assured is that I have a Father who knows everything, and He knows what's best for us.

Of course, I would miss the person and It's really hard to adjust again being alone. Hmm...I know I will get used with it. I find hard sometimes to think about not being so kind with the person or I wasn't a blessing at all when she was around. Well, it's done already, I need to learn something from it. Those special people in my life are treasured in my heart forever. I know we will still see each other. And there's a place I know that no one could separate us it's heaven.
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